Benefits of utilizing 3D Laser Scanning include:

  • Automatic capture of adjacent site conditions when scanning building exteriors
  • Complete documentation of all visible existing conditions, minimizing site visits
  • Extract only the required elements such as walls, windows, doors, lighting and mechanical, up to a full model showing all detail
  • Great for ornate facades, exterior landscape elements, piping and HVAC
3D Laser Scanner

3D Laser Scanner


Sample scan

We can also integrate 3D laser scanning with our 2D laser surveys, for the ultimate in cost-effective laser-measured 3D models!

3D Laser Scanning is a non-contact form of measurement and documentation using a high speed laser. The laser reflects off visible objects and returns with a measurement. We can measure up to 976,000 times per second but typically scan at 250,000 times per second.


Combined 3D Laser Scan and Revit Model



The laser, in conjunction with the integrated digital camera, captures precise shapes, details and geometries as well as color images. The color images are overlaid onto the laser points, creating a photo-realistic three dimensional data set. The colorized laser points can be further analyzed and manipulated and then converted into a detailed 3D model.