At the core of our service is the LASERTECH ® Floorplan, and the key to the production of our Floorplans is our laser measuring technology. We use a hand-held laser measuring device, called a “DistoMeter”, produced by Leica Geosystems, world leaders in the production of highly-accurate surveying and measuring equipment for many years. The Disto is accurate to within 1/8″ in 300 feet. We typically record all measurements to within 1/100th of a foot (approximately 1/8″).

In addition, our software has been custom-developed to interface directly with the newest generation of wireless Disto, using Bluetooth technology. This means all measurements are instantaneously transferred electronically and recorded immediately within our LTS system, eliminating all chance for human data-entry error as well as providing dramatic speed increases.

The major advantages of such equipment are:

  • Accuracy – unmatched by conventional methods.
  • Ease of use – “point and click”, easy to work around clutter
  • 1 man job – eliminates the need for a man on the other end of the tape
  • Speed – reduces walking, doubles the production speed of field personnel
  • No disruption for building occupants

But measuring is only half the work involved in the field data-gathering exercise. Our pen tablet computer provides the next component of our technology.

Leica Disto Measuring Tool Tutorial: The Basics