We Measure Buildings

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As-Built Drawings

With any LASERTECH® Floorplan, in addition to basic as-built data, we can collect additional data such as power/communications, reflected ceilings, fire safety features, furniture layouts, elevations, sections and roof plans. Our drawings are delivered electronically, CAD and PDF format, with optional printed reports as well.

3D Modeling

We can also provide 3D models, typically in Revit and to 200-350 Level of Detail (LOD). No 3D laser scan required, as we capture all necessary vertical measurements in our proprietary LTS system during our site survey, including the slab-to-slab elevations, as well as window/sill heights, door heights, plus exterior details. We combine this information with interior and perimeter digital photos to create the model.

BOMA Lease Area Certifications

For Property Management and Building Owners, we can provide an accompanying set of lease plans for any building we’ve surveyed, typically to BOMA Standards, but of course we can calculate your lease areas based on any other “non-standard” method you specify. First officially recognized Interpreter of the BOMA Standards in 2004, we are very familiar with all current and past standards, from Office, to Retail, Industrial, Residential and Mixed Use